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The primary function of the Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers is to advance the legislative and political agenda of the National Association of Letter Carriers, the Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers and its members. To advocate for letter carriers locally, statewide and nationally. To assist the National Business Agent with the education of branch officers, stewards and members. To create a strong, viable and educated work force in the legislative and contractual arenas.

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Help Your Brother and Sister Carriers
PERF News & Information

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Help postal families devastated by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and by the California wildfires. The need is urgent! Thank you for stepping up to help your brother and sister letter carriers in their desperate time of need.

20th Annual Frank Mandicino Training School
October 15th, 16th & 17th, 2017
ISALC Fall Training

Your State Association, in cooperation with your National Business Agent, Mike Birkett are pleased to announce the Annual Frank Mandicino Training School in Coralville, Iowa at the Radisson Hotel, 1220 1st Avenue, (Interstate 80, Exit 242) October 15th, 16th & 17th, 2017

The registration fee is $175.00 per person and includes training and materials; lunch and dinner on Sunday, breakfast and lunch on Monday and breakfast on Tuesday. All refunds are subject to the approval of the ISALC Executive Board. No fee adjustments for meals not eaten. Advance payment is required and participants may not share the registration. Participants should plan on attending the training in its entirety to realize the full benefit. (Click here for complete details)

NALC-USPS Tentative Agreement
NALC/USPS Tentative Contract Agreement

Joseph Miller Scholarship Winner

Your State Association is happy to announce the winner of the Joseph Miller Scholarship for 2017.

The winner of the 2017 Joseph Miller Scholarship is Jacob Higgins. He is the son of Kevin Higgins of NALC Branch 373 Eastern Iowa.

On behalf of the letter carriers of Iowa — congratulations Jacob! It is our hope that this scholarship will start Jacob on a path to an education that will benefit him for years to come.

Jim Beach
Secretary, Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers

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"Welcome" and "Farewell"

Birkett and Pittman

"Welcome" to our new Business Agent Mike Birkett and "Farewell" to our retiring Business Agent Danny Pittman.

New NALC Website
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NALC website

I'm writing today with some exciting news. We have completed our first site-wide overhaul of nalc.org in more than a decade and the early feedback has been tremendous. I wanted to let you know how and why we've made some changes, to help you find exactly what you're looking for on the site, and to tell you that more change is coming. The new front page, where you should find almost everything you're looking for, is big, bright and user-friendly. No longer are we overburdened by too many items on the page, instead using moving graphics to draw people in to find out more. Whether it's more about our fight to save Saturday delivery service, more about our community service, more about the ways we're working to improve the rights and benefits of letter carriers, or just more about NALC, whatever our campaign, we can highlight it big and bold.

But we know members want specific information, too, and we didn't want to make you click through too many pages to try to find it. On our three mid-page tabs, you can get the latest headlines, which we will be updating frequently to bring you not just the latest news about NALC, but news and updates about the entire postal world. You can also go directly to the National Agreement, JCAM or MRS Index. Or the latest paychart. Or the Dispute Resolution process. Or FMLA. Or information on uniforms. Or the M-41. Or the M-39. Or information about an injury on the job. And for new members, you can easily find out about your rights and benefits and learn about how NALC can help you. Whatever you're looking for, it's probably here.

You'll also find our Facebook and Twitter feeds, letting us tap into the millions of users of social media, who might never read a newspaper or turn on the news. We need all the allies we can get, and NALC is committed to leaving no stone unturned to find them. So as you read something you want to share on the new nalc.org, all you have to do is click "like" or "share" at the bottom of the page.

As you can see, we're working hard to create a brand-new, simplified experience for members and people interested in the NALC and our issues.

Oh, and one more little thing we're doing: We're making the website completely enabled for mobile phones and tablets. We know a lot of you need these resources wherever you are and whenever you need them. That's why we've designed it to adapt to the size of your screen, so no matter what you're working on, this website will work for you.

We're still working on a few more things we think you'll like, so keep an eye out for constant improvements.

You can check it out at nalc.org.

In solidarity,

Fredric Rolando, President
National Association of Letter Carriers

Retiring NALC National Officers
Retiring National Officers'

The recently updated list of announced honorees includes:

NALC's 'Fill the Satchel'
September 14, 2014

In the 1950's when NALC had "porch light brigades," we collected money from customers after work for MDA. NALC raised more $3 million annually, at a time when letter carrier salaries were only $4,400 per year. If the previous generation of letter carriers collected that kind of money, we should be inspired to do even more for our longtime charity.

For more information click here.

Do you want to keep your job?
November 4, 2011

Dear NALC Region 5 members,

The purpose of this letter is very plain and to ask a very serious question; Do you want to keep your job? I am painting with a very broad brush but it appears to me the answer is a resounding, NO!  ...Click Here to read the rest of this compelling letter from National Business Agent Dan Pittman.

...also Click Here for the NALC Petition form.

For more companion material visit http://www.saveamericaspostalservice.org/materials.html#apwu

Be sure to select from the NALC-NRLCA Materials section for the Petition, Petition guide, Petition Do's/Dont's, Flier, and more at this web site.

How you can help 'Save Saturday Delivery'

NALC Web Site Please visit the Postal Regulatory Commission's website (click here) and submit a comment in support of Saturday delivery, as the PRC’s support of Saturday delivery will be key in getting congressional support to maintain Saturday delivery.

Based on your own experiences, and using your own words, please weigh in on the importance of Saturday delivery to you, to your postal customers and to the community you serve.
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